Kintsugi training

The art of resilience or how to repair by magnifying the scars of the ceramic.
So that your objects find a second life.
Kintsugi is an ancestral technique, discovered in Japan in the 15th century. It is a method of repairing broken porcelain or ceramics using lacquer sprinkled with gold.
The training provided by Nicolas Pinon, will not only bring you the technical bases to be able to continue alone to explore this art of restoration, but will also be the occasion to share his passion of the craft and Japan.

Kintsugi workshop

  • The training takes place over two days, the weekend from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

  • You just have to come with your pieces to give them a second life

  • Number of trainees : 6 maximum

  • Level : all public

  • Price of the course : 400 euros (including material)

For 10 years Nicolas Pinon has been teaching at the GRETA of the École Boulle. Today he opens the doors of his workshop in the Faubourg St Antoine to discover this exceptional material which is Urushi


Urushi training

This training allows you to acquire the essential bases of the work of lacquer (Urushi). You will learn the history of vegetable lacquer and its implementation on various supports such as wood and hemp.
A training that aims to discover the technology of this finish, the tools and the ways to use them.
You will discover the preparation of a wood support, the dry lacquer technique, the Fuki Urushi and the application of metallic powders and gold leaf. An initiation to kintsugi is planned during the workshop.
Learn the right gesture but also a state of mind.

Urushi workshop

  • 5-day course, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm

  • For the general public as well as for professionals

  • Maximum number of trainees : 5

  • Price of the course : 1000 euros / supplies included (Tools, wood, metal, lacquer, brushes….)